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Yang Mei Season

The Yum Berry

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It's yang mei season! Never heard of yang mei? Well, me either. You MAY have heard of yumberry which is what some companies have called it in the past, although if I had seen a package that said yum berry flavor, I would have assumed it to be in the category of Crunch Berries or snozz berries. And that brings us back to the name yang mei, which is what it's called in China. It's related to a bay tree (like where we get bay leaves). The leaves look like bay leaves, but I've never seen berries on a bay tree in the US. We passed some street vendors selling these in berry crates meant to hold raspberries or strawberries. They're about the size of a medium strawberry, but cranberry colored. The outside looks like one of those marzipan sugar decorations. It almost glitters like a raspberry. But the flavor is probably closest to an acai (or what I think acai tastes like based on all the anti-oxidant treats I've had). It's sweet and juicy and a little tart. It's no wonder it was called yumberry in the few products that used it for flavoring.

And, like the mighty acai, the yang mei is full of anti-oxidants.

Why isn't this is the US? Ah ha, here's the catch, it's only around for a few weeks at the end of spring/beginning of summer. And once it's picked, it only lasts for a few days before it starts to get moldy and mushy, so it's best to eat as fresh as possible. But when it IS in season, it seems to be at all the fruit stands. I even saw a little old lady selling it from a basket on the street.





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Happy Pi Day

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Because PiR2

And we R dorks.

And we have no round pie pans.

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Snacks I Haven't Tried Yet

But maybe some day.

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Haven't gotten around to getting myself a bag of chicken feet yet, but maybe someday when I get a craving for something unusual.


And these aren't really even snacks, but they made me laugh, so I had to find a place for them.

Days around here have been cold as always. We're staying warm, but we're looking forward to our vacation in Hawaii. What better place to spend the coldest months of the year, right? We've also been suffering from the same smog as Beijing (although not quite to the same astronomical proportions). It was pretty bad for the last few days, but today it's been a little clearer. I'm hoping all that dirty air blows somewhere else soon.

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On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

I bought myself a little something.

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The world has gotten this much smaller. For a small purchase of 79 Yuan (that's about $12), Amazon China will deliver to your door. It's opened up a whole new world of food opportunities. It's a little bit surprising which foods can be bought in China.

Shopping on Amazon.cn is almost exactly like shopping on Amazon.com, and Google Translate works really well on Chinese, so I tried a sample purchase just to see if it would work. So now I have some pretzel bites, Cheezy Doritos and some other snacks for the long winter months.

It is really, really nice to be able to buy Cheezy Doritos online, but I also feel like being able to buy some of these things that I thought I would NEVER have in China makes me a little sad that I'm moving past the "just getting by" stage into the "I know how this works" stage. It may be more comfortable, but perhaps a little less thrilling.

I'll contemplate that while I'm munching on my microwave popcorn.

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On the Eighth Day of Christmas

sunny -15 °F

There's not much coal in the stores here, so Santa has to improvise. How about some Durian cakes?



Everybody's favorite "love to hate" fruit is now available in nicely packaged individual sized patties with a nice pastry crust. While I still maintain that the grossness of the flavor and smell are highly exaggerated, it isn't exactly the most craveable fruit on the planet. So, for the naughty out there in bitter-cold Harbin, Santa will have a nice smelly surprise for your stockings.

BTW, I would have opened the package to get some better pictures of the patties, but my office wouldn't approve.

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