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On the Fifth Day of Christmas

I got a fermented milk bag!

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It's Secret Santa time! This year the Chinese teachers and the international teachers each pick a person and give gifts. Mine has been extra thoughtful and bought me a bag of fermented milk.


Mmmm. Ok, yes, It's really yogurt and it's delicious! This one even includes a nice handle and straw so you can drink it like a milkshake.


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On the Fourth Day of Christmas

For the Princess

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Everyone has that one person in their life that always has to have the latest name brand product. Well, I have the answer to your Christmas present dilema. LV toilet seat covers.


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On the Third Day of Chinese Christmas

My true love gave to me...

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Three fried chickens. And for you ESL teachers out there, that's not the non-count kind of chicken as in 'fried chicken,' that's the count-noun as in A fried chicken. Only your true love would care enough to block your arteries with a whole fried chicken. American KFC, you need to catch up. Why get a bucket of chicken pieces when you could just get a bucket sized chicken?

This one comes from our new favorite chicken place, BKL, which is our new favorite chicken place because it is next door to our apartment, while KFC is a half mile walk.


Who wouldn't want to eat chicken made by this....chicken?

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Gifts for the Homesick

A Little Taste of Home

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When I need a little taste of Kansas...

Or Dallas...

Or Chinago... Chinago?


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On the first day of Christmas

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Hawaiians love Spam. They also love canned tuna. But for the person who can't choose between canned tuna and canned Spam:


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