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Travelling Through Yunan

Jiuxiang Cave

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Right after the Stone Forest, we took a bus to the Jiuxiang Cave.

On the way, the scenery was beautiful and I got some nice images even though the weather was less than sunny and I was taking them out of a moving bus. I also got an interesting shot of some farmers walking alongside the highway. I have no idea where they were going because we were mostly in the farm country.




It was a lot to see back-to-back, but as you can see, the views were incredible.


Before you go into the cave, they let you paddle around in this gorge area that has been created by water running from the cave.






They've really done a nice job with the lighting in the cave and it highlights some of the unique aspects. One of the best things about visiting parks in China is that they were almost all renovated in 2008 in preparation for the Olympics. But outside of the major cities, the tourism really drops off, so sites like these aren't overcrowded like they might be in the USA.





Then when you exit the cave, you take an overhead cable car back up to the top of the cliff. Wow, the view. Again. Unless you don't like heights.




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Kunming Trip

Stone Forest

70 °F
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I'm finally getting to our trip to Kunming that we took at the beginning of the month. We traveled to Kunming with a group of 45 teens from the school. Kunming is in part of the Yunan province (much warmer and more temperate than the area we live). One of the must-see areas is the Stone Forest, a national park full of giant limestone formations (known as karst if you want to get technical). It reminded me of trips to national parks in the states. It's so amazing, that it's hard to appreciate while you're there. They taxi you from one scenic spot to another, but the whole area is really beautiful.









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Plant Store

40 °F

On Sunday we got a chance to go into the city to get plants. The kids are required to buy a small plant to take care of throughout the winter. It helps teach them responsibility and it also makes the winter a little more bearable to have some greenery inside.

The plant store here is a warehouse divided into dozens of stalls selling all kinds of plant related things and the plants themselves. Some stalls have only orchids, some have succulents, some have pots and water pitchers. It's like the gardening section of Home Depot combined with a craft fair.

I just got a simple Sansevieria (or Snake Plant). In China it's called a Tiger's Tail or hǔwěilán 虎尾兰 or so Wikipedia tells me. Yun got a Bonsai kind of plant (no idea which kind of evergreen). Mine cost 15 kuai for the plant plus 35 for the pot. Yun's came potted and cost 160 bargained down from 180 (I'm a terrible bargainer, so any price break is better than nothing). Total, that's about $35. So now our apartment is looking much happier and our old Bougainvillea has some friends.



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We bought an iPhone!

Made in China

37 °F

iPhone 5 for only 1 kuai! (That's about 17 cents). Who could resist! Notice the time. That's probably the time we will really get the iPhone 5. :( The doorman had a good laugh at our expense for eating ice cream bars when the weather hovered just above freezing.




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We got a gift of fruit right before we left on our trip to Kunming. There was a large box with a picture of a mango on the out side. Inside the box were three giant mangoes (as you can see from the picture, I even have trouble holding it up for the camera). Two of the three were a little over-ripe, so we had to toss them, but the one here that looks a little green, was full of juicy, orange mango.

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