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On the Ninth day of Christmas

Oh, you thought we were done?

sunny -5 °F

Today is my birthday (at least it is in China). Somehow the students found out and my morning class presented me with a birthday cake made of Chinese Choco Pies and 3+2. 3+2 as you can see are 3 soda crackers filled with 2 layers of frosting. May sound strange, but it's one of the favorites here. And for the non-Koreans, Choco Pies are like moon pies but more dry.


Then later in the day, I was surprised by my coworkers with a "tiramisu" cake and a candle lit birthday song. It looks like tiramisu, but it tasted just like a kind of cream cheesy cake. Delicious, but nothing like tiramisu.



It was a really nice way to end the week!

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Merry, Merry Christmas!!

and a Happy New Year!

sunny -8 °F

Just another day at the office, but we're celebrating Christmas. A bit of snow last night gave us an even whiter Christmas.

So, to whoever reads this blog, have a very merry Christmas from snowy Harbin!


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On the Eighth Day of Christmas

sunny -15 °F

There's not much coal in the stores here, so Santa has to improvise. How about some Durian cakes?



Everybody's favorite "love to hate" fruit is now available in nicely packaged individual sized patties with a nice pastry crust. While I still maintain that the grossness of the flavor and smell are highly exaggerated, it isn't exactly the most craveable fruit on the planet. So, for the naughty out there in bitter-cold Harbin, Santa will have a nice smelly surprise for your stockings.

BTW, I would have opened the package to get some better pictures of the patties, but my office wouldn't approve.

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On the Seventh Day of Christmas

sunny -17 °F

What? It's the year 2012 and you still don't have an iphone? If you can't afford one, you should just try this. Introducing the MyPhone5 (Not sure about the other MyPhones). This one may not really be able to call people, but with just the click of a button you can use it as correction tape. Can't wait for the next update!


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On the Sixth Day of Christmas

The gift of warmth

sunny -15 °F

Ok, today it's not really a gift (although this scarf really was a gift from a friend many, many years ago).

My full winter gear - scarf, hat, coat and best of all mouth & nose guard! Very important. The tip of the European nose is too far away from the European face.


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