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October 2012



We got a gift of fruit right before we left on our trip to Kunming. There was a large box with a picture of a mango on the out side. Inside the box were three giant mangoes (as you can see from the picture, I even have trouble holding it up for the camera). Two of the three were a little over-ripe, so we had to toss them, but the one here that looks a little green, was full of juicy, orange mango.

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It's getting cold in Harbin

Sweater weather at least

53 °F

It's been getting colder and colder for these Hawaii peeps. I hate to just talk about the weather, but yikes, the trees have all changed color already and have even started dying before I got a chance to take photos of the nice ones. Here's a picture of our apartment, looking quite grey, but still very nice for the area. Our heater is broken, so right now we're just braving the cold at night under our feather comforter (Korean style). It hasn't been too bad, but going out in the morning is rough. I'll be posting pictures from our Kunming trip soon, but wanted to start off with just an update. Our place

Our place

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